Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



What does SkinnyYou Tea do?

o   SkinnyYou Tea has been designed to help cleanse and detoxify the body of excess impurities that have been built up over a period of time.

o   There are many amazing benefits, which can be noticed when using our SkinnyYou Tea Teadetox. These may include: a general feeling of overall improved health, weight loss, skin clarity, better absorption of nutrients, bowel movements may be easier, softer and more frequent, satisfaction with eating less, your body may be able to burn off more calories at a faster rate, and increased metabolism, along with many more.


How does it work?

o   SkinnyYou Tea works differently for everybody, when using the SYT Teadetox, the Morning Tea, Good Night Tea and Colon Cleansing Tea together with healthy eating and exercising on a daily basis (following our healthy eating and exercise guide) maximal results may be noticed. To read more about what each tea may do please read the “How do each of the three tea’s work” question.


What’s included in the SYT Teadetox pack?

o   The SYT Morning Tea (14 or 28 tea bags)

o   The SYT Colon Cleansing Tea (7 or 14 tea bags)

o   The SYT Good Night Tea (7 or 14 tea bags)

o   The SYT Healthy Eating and Exercise Guide

o   Tips for your Teadetox

o   Directions, list of side effects and ingredients


How do each of the three tea’s work?

o   The Morning Tea may help:

• Suppress the appetite

• Give you more energy 

 • Detoxify the body

 • Cleanse the body

• Increase your metabolism

• Burn calories and convert food to energy

• Regulate blood sugar levels

• Improve skin appearance

• Reduce body fat and counteracts fat storage

• Assist in the digestion of food

 • Reach your health/weight loss goals 

 • Reduce sugar cravings

• Reduce bloating

• Improve health


The Colon Cleansing Night Time Tea may help:

• Detoxify and cleanse the body

• Reach your health/weight loss goals

• Rid the body of toxic waste

• Improve quality of sleep

• Improve digestion

 • Reduce inflammation 

 • Improve skin clarity


o   The Good Night Tea may help:

• Improve quality of sleep

 • Improve skin clarity

• Detoxify and cleanse the body

• Reduce sugar cravings

• Improve digestion

• Burn calories

• Reach your health/weight loss goals


What does SkinnyYou Tea taste like?

o   The taste is rather pleasant and many of our customers thoroughly enjoy the taste. This was the first request that we had when designing our SYT blends that the taste be pleasant to the majority of all that consume our teas.  And we have achieved this! 


Is there added sugar, honey or stevia combined to create the sweet taste?

o   Absolutely not!!!! Our ingredients are a combination of organic and 100% natural, super foods, herbs & teas.  No Added sweeteners have been combined or added!

o   If you feel you need to add sweeteners to your SkinnyYou Tea we suggest the use of a natural sweetener such as: manuka honey or stevia.


Where can I find your ingredients list?

o   Our Ingredients are listed on each of our products. On our website they can be found under the “additional information” tab when you are on a specific product in the shop section. If you look up (google search) each of the ingredients you will see all of their amazing benefits.


Why SkinnyYou Tea?

Why use SkinnyYou Tea over other brands?

o   SkinnyYou Tea is 100% Australia owned and run brand

o   We source all of our natural and organic products from Australia and they are of top quality. (We support other Australia companies)

o   All of our products are packaged here in Australia.

o   We have seen amazing results from our products & we know our products work as our blends have been in use since 2003.

o   Our products taste good

o   SkinnyYou Tea provides different flavours

o   SkinnyYou Tea is super easy to use, as all our tea blends are individually packaged in their own tea bags.

o   SkinnyYou Tea uses Organic & Natural products which include powerful super foods

o   SkinnyYou Tea has three different types of teas in our teadetox pack.

o   SkinnyYou Tea tries to answer each and every question within 24-48hrs to the best of our ability. 


Will I lose weight?

o   Each and everybody is different so the results vary for all that use SkinnyYou Tea.

o   If you choose to follow our healthy eating guide and incorporate daily exercise while you are on your SkinnyYou Tea, your results may be more significant.


I have tried other teadetox’s but they did not work for me, will SkinnyYou Tea work for me?

o   As each and every body is different the results vary for everyone, therefore we can not guarantee individual results as there are so many different factors.

o   Depending on what you are trying to achieve from the SYT teadetox depends on what products you should purchase.

o   We have an extremely large list of regular repeat customers. So for these regular repeat customers the products work. We have also seen some amazing results from our customers, which you can check out via our instagram results page @skinnyyoutearesults or on our testimonial page.  

o   In our SkinnyYou Tea pack, we have 3 different blends of teas, which when combined together help to achieve maximal results. Our blends have been in use since 2003 and the results are genuinely noticeable, in overall health, general wellbeing and weight loss. 

o   Our SYT teadetox, combined with our healthy eating and exercise guide all help to achieve maximal results.


Have any famous celebrities or models used your products?

o   We have models and celebrities both local and international that currently use our products both in the media attention and some that wish to keep their identities private. If our SYT teas/ products didn't work they would not comment on our products and we would not have their repeat business.


Do you have other tea blends?

o   Yes along with our 14 and 28 day SYT Teadetox packs which include the Morning Tea, Colon Cleansing Night Tea and Good Night Tea we also have a Peppermint Colon Cleansing Night Tea, BeauTEAful Skin Tea, along with a Açaí & Pomegranate Super Antioxidant White Tea which we recommend taking in conjunction with our SYT Teadetox pack, which can be consumed anytime of the day. We are constantly working on other tea blends.

o   In addition to our tea blends we also have a Super Antioxidant Smoothie & Juice Mix, which can be taken in conjunction to our Teadetox or on their own for an extra boost to your day.


Buying / Purchasing SkinnyYou Tea 

How much does SkinnyYou Tea Costs?

o   This depends on what you purchase from our range.

o   14 day SYT Teadetox price is $31.95

o   28 day SYT Teadetox price is $58.95

o   Morning Tea (28 tea bags) price is $27.95

o   Colon Cleansing Night Tea (14 tea bags), price is $28.95

o   Good Night Tea (14 tea bags), price is $24.95

o   Peppermint Colon Cleansing Night Tea (14 tea bags), price is $28.95

o   Açaí & Pomegranate Super Antioxidant White Tea (20 tea bags) is $24.95

o   Super Antioxidant Smoothie & Juice Mix (Approx. 50 servings) is $59.95


o   Wheat/Gluten Free 14 day SYT Teadetox price is $36.95

o   Wheat/Gluten Free 28 day SYT Teadetox price is $63.95

o   Wheat/Gluten Free Colon Cleansing Night Tea (14 tea bags), price is $33.95

o   Loose Leaf Morning Tea (28 days worth) price is $24.95


Do I need to pay additional costs for postage?

o   Registered postage within Australia is $9.95, please note it requires a signature on delivery. If it does not arrive to you in 10 business days, it may be at your local post office.

o   If you wish to receive your post within express time, then we offer an express post registered service with additional cost of $15.95 please select  "Express shipping registered within Australia”

o   If you want to ensure that your package arrives safely to you and you can track it please select parcel pack registered post for an additional $13.95, which will require your signature on delivery.


All orders placed over the Christmas & New Year Festive Season (23 December- January 05)  - We have no control over the time delays with Postage & Shipping or (local customs for international orders) within this time period of December 23 - January 5. All orders will still be dispatched /shipped out with in the usual 48 hours. No responsibility will be taken for delays in shipping or postage delays. Please check Australia Post website for more information regarding the Festive season working hours.


When will I receive my purchase? 

o   After placing your order and your funds have been received and cleared your order with be sent out within 24-48hrs.

o   Depending upon Australia Post any where from 2-10 business days.

o   If you are an International customer you should receive your item within 4-14 business days after the package has been dispatched. 


What if I want my purchase immediately?

o   You will need to select “express shipping” at the checkout this will cost an additional fee of $15.95 this is a registered express postal service

o   We can dispatched your order within 1-48 hours from when your order is received and cleared (excluding weekends & public holidays). This is for Australia residents only.


How can I pay for my items?

o   Payment can be made via credit card through Paypal or your PayPal account.


What if my shipping address that I provided is incorrect?

o   If we have already dispatched your item, and you provided us with the incorrect shipping address there is nothing we can do and we can not give you a refund or ship the product to a different address. To avoid this happening, please ensure to check that your shipping address is correct before you purchase and your Paypal details are up to date.

o   If your item gets returned to us, we do not issue a full refund.


Can I get a refund?

o   This is at the discretion of SYT, for any incorrect orders or if you wish to cancel your order there will be a $40 admin fee charged plus Paypal fees and any other fees and or charges which SYT may incur. We will then refund you the remaining balance. This is only if your order has not already been dispatched. 


Do I have to pay taxes or what if my item is not allowed into my country?

o   SYT does not take any responsibily if taxes/VAT is charged to you upon collecting your item. It is also the customers responsibility to check with the customs of each country if SkinnyYou Tea Products can be brought into your country, all ingredients can be found on each product under the "additional information" tab.


Can I purchase more of the colon cleansing tea bags?

o   Yes you certainly can. We sell all of our tea blends individually which can be found on the “Shop” page.


During SkinnyYou Tea

Where do I find the directions?

o   Directions are included in the SkinnyYou Tea Teadetox pack, on the stickers on each pack of tea. If you need further directions instructions or information please contact us via our contact us page. 


Can I still eat my normal diet during SkinnyYou Tea 14 or 28 day plans?

o   Yes you can still eat your normal diet although you may not feel as hungry as some of the herbs used in our tea blends may have a natural appetite suppressant effect. We suggest that you do not eat junk/processed food though.  

o   For maximal results it is recommended that you follow our healthy eating and exercise guide.


Are there any side effects?

o   Side effects of the Morning Tea may include increased energy throughout the day and not feeling as hungry.

o   Side effects of the Good Night Tea may include, a better night sleep.

o   Side effect of the Colon Cleansing Night Time Tea may include ones that are associated with a laxative effect (these can include cramping and an increased frequency of visiting the bathroom. This should NOT include diarrhea, vomiting, dizziness or severe cramping. If any of these side-effects occur (depending on their intensity) adjust the strength of the Colon Cleansing Night Time Tea (make your tea weaker by soaking the tea bag for less time, say 30secs) or STOP the use of the tea and consult your GP. The latter are not usual reactions and could indicate an allergy to one of the ingredients in the tea (see the additional information tab on each of the products for a full list of ingredients).


Will SkinnyYou Tea affect any Medications, Vitamins or Contraceptive Pill?

o   Yes, It is possible that the SkinnyYou Teadetox could affect the accuracy of any medications, vitamins or contraceptive pill.

o   Before starting any of our SkinnyYou Tea products, we advise and recommend you consult your registered medical professional for advice.


Can I Exercise during the 14 day or 28 day SYT Teadetox pack?

o   Yes, We you to exercise daily throughout the SkinnyYou Tea Teadetox pack. However before starting any exercise regime please consult your registered medical professional.


Can I do the Teadetox/cleanse whilst Pregnant or whilst Breastfeeding?

o   Please consult your registered medical professional for advice before commencing your SYT Teadetox.

o   We recommend that you wait until you have totally finished breastfeeding before using our SYT Teadetox.

o   We recommend that you DO NOT consume SkinnyYou Tea at all whilst pregnant or trying to conceive.


Does SkinnyYou Tea get stale or go off/bad or expire?

o   Teas don’t go bad in the way of fresh food. Tea just loses its freshness and quality with time and exposure to light or heat.

o   We recommend that you store your SkinnyYou Tea in the re-sealable ziplock pouch sent to you or if this is damaged we recommend that to keep it fresh for as long as possible stored in an air tight container out of direct sunlight and out of heat in a cool dry place.

o  Please note that we do our best in supplying you with the best organic blends where possible and this means that no chemical, pesticides or herbicides are use on the product. There is the possibility that if the  tea blends are not stored properly that there may be bugs present in the blends of tea.  Please note that all tea blends are inspected and made fresh and go through a few process to ensure that no bugs are present prior to your order being dispatched. Unfortunately, this is the nature of having and using organic products. (No refunds will be issued). 


My Colon Cleansing Tea is not strong enough/too strong, what can I do?

o   As everybody is different, it is impossible to know how everybody is going to react to the tea. We suggest that you infuse the tea bag for 3-5 mins.  

o   If you feel the colon cleansing tea bag is not strong enough we suggest you infuse the teabag for a longer period of time. 

o   If you feel the colon cleansing tea bag is too strong we suggest you infuse the teabag for a shorter period of time. 



After SkinnyYou Tea

Will I gain the weight that I have lost once I finish my SYT Teadetox?

o   Once you have completed your 14 or 28 day SYT Teadetox the weight shouldn’t bounce back as it may with other fad diets. This is because you have not restricted your food or calorie intake, (hence not slowing your metabolism). Your metabolism may remain elevated for a few days after completing the SkinnyYou Tea Teadetox, (this can be prolonged by incorporating up to 5 cups of green tea into your daily food intake before returning back to normal). As long as you continue to eat healthy and exercise regularly there is absolutely no reason for the weight to come back on. 


What happens if I put weight on later down the track?

o   You can always do another SYT Teadetox pack for either 14 or 28 days. But please make sure you leave enough time in between each SYT teadetox, as taking the teadetox back-to-back/continually everyday may cause bowel irritation.


How often can I do the SYT Teadetox?

Initially twice in a row is considered safe for a 14 day plan (eg. if you purchase 1 X 28 day plan this is acceptable. Please leave 4-6 weeks in between starting your next SYT Teadetox.


Other Questions? 

My Question has not been answered how can I contact you?

o   You email us through our website under the “contact us” page.

o   Alternatively you can email one of our TEAriffic staff at


I have before and after photos and a testimonial to send to you, where do I send it to?

o   Please send your before, during and after shots along with a testimonial to